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A Guide to Marketing on Twitter

Getting the message out for your business, your artwork, or anything you need to spread the word about has never been easier. With social media outlets like Twitter you can tell the virtual world about your projects and have a built in audience.

Learn How to Make Twitter Work for You

Learn How to Make Twitter Work for You

How Do I Make Twitter Work For Me?
A good way to start is to search keywords you are interested in and that will pertain to what it is you are trying to market. Follow people with like interests, but first make sure you have some interesting posts on your own account. Fill in your profile with fun facts that make people want to hear what you have to say. When you follow someone the odds are good they’re going to check you out to see what you’re all about.

If you’ve done your job with a sparkling personality you’ll probably gain some followers this way. Engaged them in conversation, respond to things they’ve said, build a relationship with them. This will give you a base hold in the arena you wish to conquer. Now when you’re ready to launch your project these people will be invested as you as a person and interested in what you’re doing. They may even share it with their followers!

Sounds Great but I Can’t Be on Twitter All Day

You don’t need to invest all of your time in this. A few quick tweets now and then to support those connections you began with should give you a base then you can create buzz by gaining a large amount of followers quickly. There are places out there that can provide real followers in minutes for a smaller cost than you might imagine.

Get help with your Twitter Strategy

Get help with your Twitter Strategy

If you’re thinking, that may work for companies with a budget but I’m just selling a cd I put together myself, I’m eating ramen over here and you’re talking buying followers, relax. Trust me; it’s as affordable as a quick lunch at the pub. For less than £6 you could have 100 more followers in no time.  Seeing your quick popularity expansion will peak the interest of potential clients and lend gravitas to your online presence.

This article was provided by the team at You can get a great boost to your followers and improve your visibility in only a few minutes.


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