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How to grow your Instagram following

Social media has become a vital part of promoting any brand and although many are clued up with Facebook and Twitter a lot still seem to struggle with the ever growing visual platform we know as Instagram.

Instagram has taken the social networking world by storm with a 500% increase in users since just last year. Instagram gives brands the opportunity to showcase images and reach out to potential customers who are able to share images and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr making a brand’s content available to millions worldwide.


Instagram has recognized that a wide variety of businesses are now using the platform in order to promote their products or services and have set up the Instagram for Business blog, this offers tips, API examples, brand spotlights and news from the Instagram HQ.

Providing it’s done properly Instagram can be a highly beneficial platform for any business, if a business can grasp how to correctly utilize Instagram then they’re on to a winner. Here are some tips on how your business can grow your Instagram following.

Cultivate a Following

Unless you connect with other Instagram users then it is virtually impossible to increase your own Instagram following. Engage your followers by following them back and liking their content, this will enable you to build a relationship with your consumers which will mean they’ll be more likely to continue following. It is also important that you use relevant hashtags this will help your potential followers find you.


It is also possible to connect your businesses Facebook account with your Instagram account this means that you can share you videos or pictures on both platforms at the same time reaching a wider audience. Here are 5 brands that have smashed Instagram by utilizing the platform as a way of gaining followers and increasing their popularity.

Tell a Story

Instagram is unlike any other platform where just words are used to update your status, here you need to use images to tell a story. As a business you need to provide your followers with an exclusive insight into your brands products and services, so provide them with sneak peeks and behind the scenes exclusive footage that with keep them interested.

You can also encourage consumers to share their own stories and make them feel like they are also apart of your world. Encourage your followers to interact and tag you in their own images and videos.


A great story has a great location so geotagging is a great way to share your story. Regular hashtags are great when building a theme for your brand but geotagging can enable you to link your brand to particular locations, also allowing followers to share images linked to these locations.

Geotagging is not only a great way of making your followers aware of your location but is also useful when advertising your presence at any conferences or events.

Showcase your Employees

Posting pictures of your employees at work is another great way to give your followers a behind the scenes view of your business. By acknowledging your staff and introducing them to your customers can help build a great relationship between the two.

Not only will showcasing your employees give your followers more of an insight into your business, but it will also highlight staff members successes and milestones. Instagram is a brilliant way of showing how much your staff are valued within the workplace intern this could also improve moral.

Author: Aimee Gilchrist, blogger, Instagram enthusiast and social media expert at Bootcamp Media.


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