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Video marketing on Instagram

Instagram has recently introduced a video feature to their platform allowing users to post up 15 seconds of content about absolutely anything.


Companies have flocked to the platform and have taken maximum advantage of the new feature. Many are creating content that will help advertise their brand by keeping them ahead of the game in the social media world.

Keeping content short has become a trend in marketing and advertising. It has become apparent that audiences seem to pay more attention to short snippets, so advertisers have been forced to produce better content.

You may be thinking that 15 seconds is not even slightly enough time to get a message across, however you’d be surprised at the quality of content you can produce. If done correctly this platform can become a valuable part of a brand advertising campaign. In fact, brands that are taking note of this recent marketing trend are the ones that are really getting noticed.

Movie Director

Top tips when creating your Instagram video:

• Keep it short – in the world of marketing short is in demand. Companies have recognized that audiences have been conditioned to pay more attention to shorter bits of footage.
• Focus on image – images create the best form of impact and are a great way of connecting with your audience whether it be emotionally or intellectually.
• Use quick clever headlines – if you need to use text be sure to be informative, amusing, entertaining and/or inspiring.

3 ways businesses can utilize video platforms such as Instagram:

How to tips and demonstrations

Go behind the scenes of your business. Allowing your followers to see your business from a different perspective helps to build a bond between the brand and its audience. Brands can also use this platform as a way of answering customers FAQ’s giving your followers helpful information about your product or service.


Competitions are a way of getting your followers involved. Many brands have used Instagram as a way of boosting their online community, setting up competitions every now and then can encourage real life engagement between customers and the company.

Increase engagement on Facebook

Instagram is proving to be a rich possibility for marketers. There has been a rapid increase in users over the past twelve months meaning a brand’s potential audience is vast. A lot more brands could use this platform as a way of advertising their products or services, however for brands already using Instagram the future looks bright.

Unlike Vine, Instagram can also be shared via Facebook. Increasing your brand’s engagement on Facebook will enable you to boost your community interaction. Sharing videos on Facebook will reach a wider audience intern giving your brand twice the amount of advertisement.

Author: Tom Black – UK based Inbound marketing Expert & Head of Search at Bootcamp Media.


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