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6 SEO Tips From the Experts

Everyone  on internet today knows  how important it is to increase website traffic –  this is where you get  customers and ultimately, money. Getting website traffic  is not easy, because there are many competing websites. Here are several ways your website can get traffic, including search engines, social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Each of these  methods has their own advantages, but  I am going to show you why search engine traffic should be your priority.

Write  original and creative content which is  Search engine friendly

It has been predicted by Toni Schneider that by the end of 2013 there will be more than one billion websites. This means that competition for traffic is only going to increase. To beat your competitor,  simply  focus on creating quality content which is original, share-able, creative and enriched with keywords. Search engines are constantly improving the way that they rank websites, but you’re never going to be penalized for quality.

Having original and quality content is more important now-a-days because  many companies search engine strategy is content crammed with  poor quality keywords  and spam. That doesn’t mean you should forget keywords, though. Write great content with the right balance of keywords. It’s important to remember that quality is  most important.


Get links to your websites by other trusted Websites

Quality content is definitely important, but the best way for getting on top of the search engines is to improve search engine ranking. You can do this by getting backlinks to your website.  Of course, getting links is difficult because most websites aren’t willing to hand out an endorsement without an incentive. Additionally, search engines are getting smarter and can often tell when you have paid a site for a link, which puts your site  at risk of being penalized. Links must be built organically.

There are several ways to create natural backlinks.  One way is to look for trusted websites in your industry which have a high page rank and offering to write guest posts with a back link to your website. Of course this takes a lot of time and  effort.  You can also contact web masters and inquire whether they are interested in doing a link exchange.

Create a writer base and give credit where credit is due

After links, the next important thing is contents for which search engines care about. That search engines actually want is quality articles. That’s why it is important  to create a writer base which contributes to your website with a byline. Search engines like to see quality and one way they determine this is by the authority of your contributors.

Recently Google released Google Authorship, too. This particular product allows authors to claim their content and put a photo next to it in search results. There are several advantages to this, but the biggest is that it increases your website’s click-through rate because your content stands out more on the search engines.

Make your site and content effective for mobile users

The smartphone and tablet industry is booming.  Expect this trend to continue. So, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile users , your site will lose traffic. People have come to expect mobile sites and search engines know when a website is easy to view on a smaller screen. Obvious design changes are needed for people to view websites on tablets and smartphones.

Some  companies may prefer to create mobile app rather than creating a site. Smartphone and tab users are bit strict in downloading apps, so a mobile site is still better way to go. Optimizing  site and content for mobile users is going to make the search engines your friends because you’ll get more traffic.

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The Post written by Mihir Barot a professional writer for Website Development Company who has expertise in Custom Web Development, Ecommerce Development and iPhone application development


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