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Think social media is blocked at your office? Think again

As a new age employer, there are a number of employee issues that one needs to stay on top of. This includes employee  use of social media . Just about all company resources must be monitored and watched out for, but no matter how tight employee monitoring attempts are, they  tend to fall short when it comes to social media.

Do you know what employees are really working on?

Do you know what employees are really working on?

There are a number of reasons for this. Technology has taken over all offices but as technology becomes  easily accessible on several devices, social media comes hand in hand with it. There are a plethora of social media websites, ranging from the ever famous Facebook, to LinkedIn for the professional minded. This means more and more employees feel the urge to check out one social media website or the other, even if you have  blocked all of them.  The risk of employees using social media is pretty high and can also end up endangering your company’s security and integrity.

As an employer who needs to look out for company interests, monitoring and/or controlling social media use can’t be avoided. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make sure that they are not using social media at work.

1.       Restrict Software downloads. Even if you have blocked social media sites, smartphone and desktop apps make it possible to keep in touch with social media accounts. Block the software download ability so that employers are unable to install or run any software that may permit social media use. This would also include proxy sites or proxy software that would allow them access to blocked sites.

2.        Use Keyloggers. You must already have monitoring in place but go the extra step and have keyloggers installed which can be the perfect social media spy. Software keyloggers will record every keystroke made, whether it be on a system or smartphone and send the data to you remotely. This way you will have access to all that your employees online activities. Even if they attempt to bypass some of the measures you have in place, the keyloggers will let you know what is really going on.

3.       Screen Capture Tools. A lot of things can lie but screen capture tools usually provide definitive proof of employees crossing lines and using social media at work. With screen capture in place, lying or making excuses out of the situation won’t work. It will also force employees to rethink their decision of using office time for other activities.

4.Monitor Emails. A plethora of programs are available which are designed specifically to allow tracking of sent and received emails. If employees are using social media, then notifications are bound to be sent to their inbox as is the case with Facebook. This means that you will be able to catch them through their inboxes.

5.Talk to Them.  Simply installing monitoring tools isn’t going to do the trick. If you want to curb their social media use then you need to talk to your employees not only of the reasons you need them to stay away from social media but also of the measures you have put in place to prevent it. Chances are, after knowing that using social media will compromise their privacy, many of them will modify their behavior.

What do you think about blocking social media from employee use? Is the effort worth it? Comment below and speak your mind!

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Author Bio:

Natalia David is a blogger for MobiStealth and comments on various aspects of technology in the work environment as well as social media spy. She tweets @NataliaDavid4.


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