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How to use Google Authorship with WordPress

The Google authorship markup is offers authors a way to claim authorship of content they have written and published online. Google has hinted that in the near future content marked up in this way could carry more trust and therefore rank higher than non-marked up content does. They haven’t implemented this “author rank” algorithm yet but using the author markup correctly at the current time may help you get a higher click through rate.

This is because when your marked up content appears in the search results, Google gets your picture from your Google + profile and places it just besides your Meta description for your page or website. The picture makes the content appealing to the reader as compared to just plain text, thus increasing your click through rate and overall traffic to your website.

Calling all Authors!

Calling all Authors!

Google authorship should bring great results to your writing and website or blog. Here are a few steps on how you can set up a Google authorship profile.

The first step is setting up Google authorship with WordPress

a)      Create a Google+ profile if you don’t have one, if you already are on Google+ then you are good to go.

b)      Look out for ‘About’ in your newly created or existing Google+ profile.

c)       Click on ‘edit’, then ‘contribute’, and then link it to your WordPress website under the links section of your profile.

d)      You can now click on ‘save’.

The second step is adding your Google+ profile to your WordPress site.

a)      Log in to your WordPress site to access the dashboard.

b)      Go to the left column and select user and then click on ‘your profile’.

c)       Lookout for Google+ area in the contact information area.

d)      When guest blogging or writing for someone else’s site you just need to link to your Google+ profile page as I have below.

The third step is installing a WordPress SEO plugin.

a)      Now you need to access the navigation menu, click on ‘plugins’ and then ‘add new’.

b)      Do a search for WordPress SEO by Yoast in the plugin directory.

c)       Then click ‘install now’ and then ‘active the plugin’.

d)      Select SEO by clicking on title and metas from that navigation menu that is easily accessible on your left.

e)      Go to your home tab at the top of the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin and locate the author-highlighting field in the same place.

f)       Select the author name you would like to use in the Google Authorship.

g)      Finally, click ‘save settings’.

The last bit is ensuring that the whole thing works.

Now you have to make sure that the authorship markup is working properly, you can simply do this by using Rich Snippet Test Tools from Google (just search rich snippet tester and it should come up).  Usually it will take several days for your picture to show up in search results; don’t worry you provided you have confirmed that it’s working using the rich snippet checker. Remember that you can always use the Google webmaster forums or probably most other webmaster forum if you need help more information or solutions to any technical problems that might occur.

Guest post supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark is a WordPress SEO Expert and he can be contacted via his site Panda SEO Services.


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