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Product reviews and social engagement

Much has been written in the past few years about the benefits to marketers of  using social media to get the message across to customers. The ubiquity of Facebook and Twitter means that marketers have spent time and money investing in building an online social media presence, hoping   to engage with their existing clients and future customers.

One area that has been sorely overlooked in the rush to develop a social networking presence is a much simpler proposition” Product reviews.  Offering people product reviews can not only give customers more information about interesting products , it also gives the chance for a company to promote themselves as honest brokers sensitive to customer needs, rather than just what works best for the company.

Get yourself center-stage!

Get yourself center-stage!

Right to reply

One of the ways to get product reviews on your website is by giving people the chance to write up their own experiences of the product you’re offering. Testimonials about companies can be a powerful way to show potential new customers that the products on offer do what they say they will and help develop trust amongst your customer base.

The opportunity for potential customers to read what others have written about the products and the chance for existing customers to say what they think starts to develop a relationship of trust between a company and its customers.

Chance for honesty

Allowing uncensored reviews on your site (within reason) can further enhance the trust that people place in your company to deal with them honestly. While a less-than-glowing report on a product written on your site might be something of a heart-sink moment, it also provides you with an opportunity. Offering potential customers the chance to link to other products similar to the one reviewed that may have better feedback means that the company won’t necessarily lose customers at the first hurdle.

While a somewhat damning report on one product may be uncomfortable, it gives the company the opportunity to present itself as being honest and transparent with its customers.


Build in some creativity

While customer reviews are helpful to drive engagement with a target market, there’s also an opportunity for companies to write their own reviews of products that are new to the line or new on the market. Again, ensuring there’s honesty in reviews written by the company can help build trust with customers and help build a name for the company as one that deals honestly with is consumers.

If new products coming to market are less than stellar, providing potential buyers with a review that honestly appraises its positive and negative points and directs them to other products in the line that are better can still drive sales and win loyalty. Giving customers a chance to chip in with their own experiences in comments helps to establish a dialogue that is marketing gold for companies.

Get exposure

Many online marketers now understand the benefits of sharing links on social media along with fresh content such as regular blog posts that keep search engines returning links to their sites. However, the savvier marketer is also starting to see the benefit of regular product reviews, either those generated by the company or submitted by users, as another way to keep a website up-to-date. If company-posted reviews hit a number of the keywords that marketers are targeting, this can be yet another way to ensure a high ranking of a website alongside competitors.



Tom Shurville, managing director of search marketing agency, Distinctly Digital, offering specialised Watford SEO services including product review management and social SEO. Product reviews offer a number of ways in which people can engage with a company and gain something tangible as a result. For marketers, it also gives another weapon in the arsenal of gaining exposure and market share. Find Tom on Google+.



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