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Pinterest for Visionaries

Since the time of the caveman, people have used vision boards to to represent what they would like their future lives to be. Since then, vision boards have been featured on Dr. Phil, Oprah, Ellen and other popular TV shows. New media meets New Age in a new class called Pinterest for Visionaries. This course shows students how to create interactive, changeable vision boards with Pinterest.

According to Joyce Swartz, Author of The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life, Vision Boards are also known as “dream boards”, “wish boards”, “Treasure maps” “Life Collage”, “Wisdom Collage” and other names.

As the fastest growing social media platform, Pinterest lends itself easily to creating vision boards.New Year’s is the perfect time to motivate yourself using vision boards. This popular class is ideal for singles, best friends, couples, and anyone who wants to learn how to use Pinterest. Students can attend online in a group, instructor led setting or one on one with a specially trained coach.

Bring your list of 5 things you would like to improve in 2013, and register today! If you have digital versions of personal photos that is a plus! Student’s will leave this class energized, inspired, and ready to greet the new year with a smile.

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