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SocialWise Media Group Announces new Video Podcast Show

Des Moines, Iowa- The stakes just got a little higher for internet based business SocialWise Media Group. In addition to running a social media marketing company, Social Wise Media Group CEO Ini Augustine will host a monthly podcast featuring business experts, musicians, and artists. The show, called Mad Business Radio will feature video broadcast online to maximize audience enjoyment.  “The goal of the show is to have a place businesses can come to share information and resources  with other businesses. It will be fun, with good music, great art, and knowledgable speakers.”  We are now looking for business owners and managers with retail, management, finance,  insurance, and HR expertise to feature on the show.


Portions of the show will provide real life business advice free of charge to businesses facing a challenge to growth or start up.  To submit a question or be featured as an expert in the show, email

The first show, Smart Phone: Smart Business tool will be simulcast live Thursday January 10th at 12 PM CST.  Call in questions during the show at (646) 478-3685.

For more information visit


4 thoughts on “SocialWise Media Group Announces new Video Podcast Show

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